How To Plaster A Wall

Plastering is one of only a handful of ways to achieve a great finish on your walls. Properly done plastering can be both good-looking and provide a great base for any paint. However, this story is a touch more complicated. Whilst most would want a professional for the job,...

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How To Plaster A Wall On Your Own

Plastering is one of the last steps in finishing a wall, whether it’s on the inside or outside. Although plastering is a highly technical process best left to the professionals, any homeowner can do it themselves if they follow a few simple guidelines. Plus, paying a contractor to do...

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The Qualities of a Good Painter in Dublin Featured Image

The Qualities of a Good Painter in Dublin

Before hiring a painter, read through our guide first – there is a lot to know about the quality of good painters in Dublin. It may seem that painting is a pretty simple job and doesn’t require that much skill, but this isn’t entirely true – a bad paint...

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