Dry Lining Insulation can save up to 30% of your heating bill. This can save you up to €600 a year. Dry lining systems are suitable for many different types of building; new-build to restoration and refurbishment; traditional to contemporary styling.
Wall can not hold the heat. Around 30% temperature lost through that wall. By improving the insulation of the wall, you can have long term savings. It will be a comfortable living too. Dri lining is insulating the interior walls. A dry lining warm boards are fitted inside the wall. Dry Lining can also remove the chance of damp penetrating your walls. It is best not only for newbuild but also for refurbishment

Newform Group can guide you about which insulation will be perfect for your house on Cavity Wall Ecobead Insulation, Internal drying insulation or External wall insulation.


New Form provides residential and commercial drywall and metal stud framing. With over 25 years in business, we are well recognized throughout the industry for our quality service, competitive pricing, and outstanding professionalism.


Newform provides high precision load-bearing steel framing for both internal and external construction uses.


Newform provides the best-suspended ceiling systems and tiles available in the industrial. With 25 years experience of in designing a tile grid and installation.


Dry Lining Insualation
Dry lining project


Is Dry lining the same as plastering?

No.Drylining means attaching plasterboard to wall

Is dry lining better than plastering?

Both have their own benefits. If you have time and money, plastering is the best option for a higher quality finish. Plastering is always more durable. The plasterboard used for the dry lining is faster and easier to install than plaster and also easy to change. It is more money and time-efficient than plastering.

Do you have to plaster over drywall?

Is dry lining expensive?

Internal wall insulation also known as the dry lining is not as expensive as external insualtion

Does the builder offer interior design assistance in selecting the home’s finishes?

Yes we do. We have an internal fit-out experts team.

How do you ensure that I will not exceed my budget?

A supervisor will take care of that. Besides our team is skilled enough to finish the projects in the given projects.

Can I trust you?

We have been a trusted builder for the last two decades. We have finished all our projects successfully. Keeping our clients happy is our top priority. You can come to our office and have your inspection.

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