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If your house was built in the Common Era which was around the 1940’s the external walls are likely solid, meaning heat will easily escape and you could be losing up to 30% of your heat through the walls. If you’ve ever been in a home that is colder on the inside than outside the reason for this – conduction and convection. The heat is conducted through the fabric of the building and into the air movement then taken away, when the heat is being taken away this colder air will then move to the bottom of the home as it gets colder and heavier. Newform Group offers installation of dry lining insulation, it is one of the best methods to insulate a home as the new thermally lined plasterboards to stop heat from escaping from the air within the house. Insulating existing solid walls can vastly improve the energy efficiency of the building, giving greater comfort and living conditions that can reduce heating costs resulting in lifetime energy bill savings.

Our Dry Lining Insulation Overview

Newform Group offers a solution to a cold and damp house. We specialize in a range of types of home insulation as well as update your heating range with a new boiler and modern heating controls. Installing dry lining will let you have a warmer house with a low energy bill, reduce carbon footprint, and increase the value of your property. We focused on driving down your home heating and energy costs. Newform Group can guide you about which insulation will be perfect for your house on Cavity Wall Ecobead Insulation, Internal drying insulation, or External wall insulation. Our services include;


Newform Group provides residential and commercial drywall and metal stud framing. With over 25 years in business, we are well recognized throughout the industry for our quality service, competitive pricing, and outstanding professionalism.


Newform Group provides high precision load-bearing steel framing for both internal and external construction uses.


With 25 years’ experience in designing a tile grid and installation. Newform provides the best-suspended ceiling systems and tiles available in the industry.

Why Newform Group?

Newform Group company is composed of a team of professional workers who specialized in installing the insulated plasterboard and skim finish your walls. We have been in this industry for 35 years, with our experience and knowledge we can guide you about which insulation will be perfect for your house on Cavity Wall Ecobead Insulation, Internal drying insulation or External wall insulation. Our company aims to continually expand to meet our client’s needs while maintaining our quality of work and prioritizing the client’s satisfaction. All our work is done professionally, safely, and morally to the highest level. We use the latest installation techniques and the most energy-efficient products to ensure our clients that we deliver high-quality results. We offer a comprehensive range of insulation that will help you relax in a comfortable home that’s also economical to run and less reliant on expensive heating and cooling.

Benefits of Hiring Us for Service

Aiding us with years’ worth of experience accompanied by extensive knowledge, we conduct a home survey and give you the right advice as to which steps should be taken. We recommend which type of insulation is best suited for your house and which steps should be taken. We can advise and assist with any grants that may be available for each measure. Our company works hard to deliver high-quality products and excellent service, completing our work quickly and cleaning up afterward to minimize disruption. We aim for our customer’s satisfaction and we have a long list of clients who can testify to the quality of product, service, and workmanship we provided at their properties.

 5 Things to Look for When Hiring Us

  • Quick Turnarounds
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Effective Barrier
  • Excellent Service
  • Fully Accredited


Dry Lining Insualation
Dry lining project


What insulation type would be best for my house?

Every house will have different requirements and varying levels of existing insulation and therefore will require different solutions depending on some factors. This is why it is important to do the initial survey and talk to you to determine your needs and come up with a plan of action that works for you and your home.


How long does it take to install?

This would depend on how many rooms you are insulating. Typically, it’ll take one day only if

Can you give me approximate prices for the insulation work?

Until the initial survey is done it is difficult to know what type of insulation will work best for you. However, the easiest way to gauge cost is to measure your ‘Wall Area’. This is not to be confused with the ‘Floor Area’ as we are insulating the walls. Depending on the type of Insulation the house needs, you are usually looking at somewhere between €90 – €120 per sq meter of wall area. Dry Lining works out at around €40 – €60 per sqr meter, but rather than guessing it would be best to have a quick chat with one of our Insulation advisors.


What is involved in Drylining?

It involves fixing a layer of highly insulated plasterboard to the internal surfaces of the external walls of the home. Heat escapes through the external walls of your house so the internal walls have no bearing on the overall amount of heat being lost. The biggest requirement in this process is sealing every escape route to ensure.

Is it better to plaster or dry lining to cover a wall?

Both have their benefits. If you have time and money, plastering is the best option for a higher quality finish. Plastering is always more durable. The plasterboard used for the dry lining is faster and easier to install than plaster and also easy to change. It is more money and time-efficient than plastering.

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