Newform Group is a House Builder and Building Contractor that is committed to providing First-Class Quality Design and Construction at an affordable cost. We are a building contractor that guarantees top-of-the-class quality construction results at a very competitive and affordable cost. For every project, we never compromised the quality over low-priced materials that easily deteriorates. Our team of experienced and qualified architects, engineers, and interior designers in Dublin can handle your every requirement with distinction. With unparalleled management, organizational skills, and an artisan enthusiasm for craftsmanship, we consistently exceeded expectations and delivered distinctive projects on time and within the budget that guarantee our clients top-notch results. Our work encompasses everything from the smallest renovation to custom house designs. We provide our clients with superior service and outstanding value, and also offer expertise with quality satisfaction on all aspects of construction and renovation works.

Our House Construction Plan Overview

Newform Group offers a wide array of professional engineering services such as Design, Construction, and Consultancy supervised and operated by highly experienced and well-trained professionals in the construction industry. Our company offers different types of design, ranging from interior, architectural and structural design from conceptualization to detailing with the aid of design software to give our clients the elegance, stability, and reliability of various structures. We provide top quality materials with affordable price, equipment, manpower, and technical expertise for quality assurance. We prepare all the necessary documents and details for a hassle-free experience, also we will be responsible for processing building permits needed in the construction phase.

Different Design Collection


Diverse and expansive, American Architecture runs a gamut of styles ranging from East Coast brownstones to prairie architecture, to Midcentury modern and neoclassical. We can cater to different house style designs from craftsman bungalows, which embrace handcrafted elements and natural material. Its defining features include columned front porches, low-pitched roofs, and double-hung windows. To Mediterranean-style home that displays red-tiled roofs, stucco exterior walls, and elaborate arches.


The terracotta tiles, red clay roofs with a low pitch, sweeping archways, courtyards, and wrought-iron railings, and signature stucco walls evolved in Spain’s Mediterranean climate taking influences from the Romans to create a style that uniquely suited the tropical climate. Traditional Spanish homes use adobe or mudbrick in building their home which is durable and also extremely heavy.


These cutting-edge homes take some of the best climate-adaptive design and its approach tends to have timeless, minimalist appeal. It is often much warmer in design than the modern version.


These styles can be easily made more sustainable with the use of newly available materials and technologies resulting in houses that are efficient, environmentally-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

Why Newform Group

Newform Group offers a wide range of ready-to-adapt designs for your dream home at a fraction of the cost. Designs cover several of popular international and locally-inspired styles and include a wide selection of different layouts. The vast majority of our structures began as custom home plans for private customers, and now we can offer them online as “stock” house plans at a reasonable price. We have the expertise to deliver great design features at a lower cost than do-it-yourself projects. We can customize each plan with nominal costs for changes requiring new engineering plans. We reduce your electricity bills and environmental impact without sacrificing comfort. We offer well-designed homes that last longer and have a higher market value for better resale.

Benefits of Hiring Us for SERVICE

We will work hard to satisfy every specific criterion in every client and do it at the lowest possible price – with the highest standard of quality and exceptional customer service. We offer a post-construction warranty to deliver high-quality products that are beyond your expectations.

5 things to look for hiring us for service

  • Custom made design
  • Top-notch quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hassle-free experience


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FAQ about our services

How much does a house construction cost in Dublin?

The material costs of building a house is roughly €45 – €55 per square footage. So, for a two story 100m² (1,076 square feet), home, the construction materials would be roughly €53,800. This is an aggressive estimate based on prevailing construction costs and meant for budgetary purposes only. A more detailed cost estimate can be determined once the plan and design of the house is done. It may vary depending on different variables.


What are the terms of payment for house construction services?

For terms of payment, when the building permit is released a 25% down payment will be required to start commencing on the actual house construction.

How do I get started with payment for house construction services?

You will need to give the lot plan and deed of restriction as well as detailed specifications of your desired house. Once the house plans and designs are done a detailed cost estimate will be presented.

How long does it usually take for house construction to finish?

It would typically take an average of six months to finish a house construction project. Although it is possible to finish earlier or even longer depending on the size and design of the house

How accurate are your construction cost estimates?

The estimates we indicated in each design are based on industry standards and just serve as a guide. The cost of construction will depend on the final finishes you will select.

Risk of Bad Product

The risk in construction projects includes safety hazards that lead to work accidents and injuries. Damage or theft to equipment and availability of building materials. These are the potential risks in projects but rest assured before starting the actual construction we already assessed the risk and the impact they will have on the project if they occur. We professionally handled every potential risk and mitigate them with our previous clients to ensure that we wouldn’t compromise anything.

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