House extension is a kind of task that improves your house values and longevity. People always want a big space to live, to cook, to read, etc. They want comfort in their day to day life. So, people are planning to extend their house. Over the 25 years, Newform Group is delivering house extension service in Dublin and the rest of Ireland.
Our service is cost-effective and professional.
We extend

  1. Kithcen Extension
  2. Room Extension
  3. Hallway Extension
  4. Working Space Extension
  5. And many More


The list of house extension Ireland are highlighted below

  1. Planning and Design
  2. Quality Material supply
  3. Roofing
  4. Plastering and Painting
  5. Installation service of heating, plumbing, electronic device
  6. carpentry, flooring, doors and windows


  1. Our architect will design according your requirements
  2. Then we select a expert team and elaborate then the design
  3. They go to your house and finish the job


we have been a reputed House extension Dublin company for two decade now. We always use quality tools to make the work process more efficient. It also protects your house as well as our team.We use tools like drill bits,hammer loop,work belt.We like spray foam insulation forn cavity walls.Some appliances we use like ventilation system recovering heat,condensing boiler etc to save overall expenses.You will have a 3D design of the plan so that we can understand each part.


All of our employes are licensed and insured. We appoint a contact manager whose responsibility will be to check the project quality regularly.There will be regular meetings with you and a copy Of the meetings discusstion will be send to email.
You don’t have to give us any advanced before we start working. At first, we will let you see the design and plan we have for you. If you like the design you will receive the quotation. Our expert engineer will design in such a way that it will be cost-effective for you. You will be always welcome to check our working progress.


Kitchen Extension
House extensions Ireland


Can I get a full written house extensions quote?

Yes.You will get a written quotation. A soft copy of that written quotation will be sent to your email.

How long can a house extensions take to build?

It depends on the projects. On average it can take 9 to 12 weeks complete. But it can vary.

How much does a home extension cost?

Every home extensions projects we have completed has a different price and it is unique. It depends on the size, design, types of the house(basic, standard, luxury). We can assure you that, there will be no hidden charge. You will have the quotation before we proceed.

Do I have to move out of my house?

If we do kitchen extension you will miss your kitchen for some time. But you don’t have to move out of your house. So, it’s actually depended on the types of house extension projects.

How soon can you start construction?

Next weeks after you sign the final contract paper

Do you have examples of house extensions?

Yes. You can check out our projects and galary.

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