Newform Group is a well-established company with an in-house plastering team that can provide high-quality plastering services to both private and commercial industries throughout Dublin. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we carry out all aspects of internal plasterwork. Our team consists of a highly skilled professional that carries top quality work which we guarantee to have a high professional standard to achieve customer’s satisfaction. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best advert for our work so we deliver a high-quality plastering job to meet our client’s demand. Given the experience we have in all types of plastering; we offer a wide variety of services to plastering than simply skimming a wall. We specialize in internal, external, repair, and ceiling plastering. Our company brings to clients’ first-class workmanship with fast track capabilities from different kinds of plastering.

Overview of Our Painting Service

We work on all sizes and specifications. Our paint is sourced from trusted suppliers and the highest quality materials for the best finishing. We are offering a complete painting and decoration services. Our service include;


Residential Painting Services

Expect the best when you hire our team of experts for your residential house painting needs. Our company has built a stellar reputation for providing unmatched excellent service and superior results with our painting options. Our services includes;


Interior Residential Painting

Interior design experts create paint combinations that feel more modern and well-suited for all kinds of lighting and décor that are generically foolproof as well as aesthetically pleasing. Includes ceiling paint, bedroom paint, wall painting, floor painting, toilet painting, and kitchen painting.


Exterior Residential Painting

Give your home a facelift with a quality exterior painting service that will give it renewed appeal. We provide excellent service combined with superior results to rejuvenate your home’s exterior.

Commercial Painting Services

Old, worn paint or outdated colors can detract from the professionalism of your company. We can help you keep your business looking great inside and out to ensure you make a positive, lasting impression on your customers. This includes; office, warehouse, factory, shop, hotel and hospital painting.


Interior Commercial Painting

We create exceptional interior spaces for our commercial clients that are durable and affordable.


Exterior Commercial Painting

We provide a stylish, professional exterior for your business for your business. Our commercial exterior painting services are performed by experienced painters that will complete your project to exact specifications, on-time and within budget.


Spray Painting

Basically painting and decorating service success depends on planning. And when our team knows your requirements, it helps us to create a good plan for you. For that process, our decorator will discuss with you about what color would be suitable for your dream house on which material will be best in all weather and season.


Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper offers versatility and textures that can transform a room. Whether you’re going for a classic striped pattern or want to spice things up with a modern paint. We can hang all type wallpapers from paste the wall type to flock & hand-printed wallpaper. We can suggest you to pick which wallpaper would be perfect for the bedroom, which will be best for your sitting room or your working space. We always consult with our customers for the best solution.


Color Consultation for Painting Project

It can be difficult to determine what color will best suit your style and home. We provide professional color consulting to ensure you get the perfect color for your next home painting project.

Paint Doors

We offer a clean, fresh paint job for all the doors in your home and office. We paint all type of doors.


Why Newform Group?

We are a highly-recognized painting contractor in our industry with awards for superior service and quality. We offer a hassle-free service that gets your wall or building painted in no time at all. We walk you through every phase of our process to ensure all your needs are met and totally satisfied from start to finish. Our company offers industry leading products and affordable rates so that you can stay within your budget. Our team is composed of professional and skilled painters who are very sensitive to our customer’s specific and offer top of the line paint products, services, and custom-made solutions for each home and business. Every crew we send to complete the project has an on-site foreman to oversee the process and check quality every step of the way.


Benefits of Hiring Us for service

We believe in exceptional customer service and integrity of our work which means that we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction. We can go extra mile with each and every customer to ensure the highest level of customer service. It is the consistent flow of clients that keep us growing and expanding. Our customers always come first, from valuing their time and respecting their budget to providing the highest level of quality. We utilize the latest technology and techniques in the painting industry to give our clients the best quality painting service.


5 Things to Look for when Hiring for SERVICE

  • The on-site foreman on every project
  • Rigorous employee training program
  • Color Consultant to help in color selection
  • Jobs are inspected by a Project Manager
  • Free Quotes and Estimates


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Do you paint steel or metal siding?

Yes, if the siding is not peeling and just chalky. No, if the original siding is peeling or flaking off.

Can I leave my home while your painting crew works?

Of course, although we ask someone before working so our project manager can do a review of the sop of work then after that we don’t require that you stay while we are working on your project,

What If I Have Some Changes That I Would Like To Make Or Additional Work That I Would Like To Have Taken Care Of While They’re Already Starting?

We encourage you to talk with the project manager if you have changes that you would like to make or additional work that you would like to have completed.

What kind of paint do you use?

We use only professional quality paints.

How long will it take for the paint to dry?

Acrylic paint dries much faster than oil. Usually, a couple of hours is plenty of time, on the other hand, oil paint should dry overnight. Flat paint may dry faster than semi-gloss.

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