Newform Group is a well-established company with an in-house plastering team that can provide high-quality plastering services to both private and commercial industries throughout Dublin. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we carry out all aspects of internal plasterwork. Our team consists of a very highly skilled professional that carries top quality work which we guarantee to have a high professional standard to achieve customer’s satisfaction. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best advert for our work so we deliver a high-quality plastering job to meet our client’s demand. Given the experience we have in all types of plastering, we offer a wide variety of services to plastering than simply skimming a wall. We specialize in internal, external, repair, and ceiling plastering. Our company brings to clients first-class workmanship with fast track capabilities from different kinds of plastering.


Our Plastering Dublin Service Overview

We take all types of plastering projects, whether it is new, renovating, refurbishing, or redecorating your house. Our company provides a wide array of services that will surely cover all kinds of plasters with minimal cost.


Internal Plaster Walls

Skimming walls with plaster to produce a smooth polished finish which is ready to be wall-papered or painting. We offer dry-lining, also known as ‘drywalling’ which is a way of cladding internal surfaces without plaster. Also, cement screening and rendering to ensure its quality.

External Plaster Walls

We depend on the walls of our homes to provide a protective barrier, so high-quality plaster walls likely decrease the housing vulnerability. External plastering includes rendering and pebble dashing. Rendering is highly suggested to reduce future damage. Rendering prevents penetrating damp, it provides another layer of protection for the building. On the other hand pebble-dashing, exterior walls are cost-effective and also long-lasting. By using the finest materials pebble-dashing gives the house a stunning look. External wall plastering is important because it provides extra skin over the brickwork.

Repair Plaster

You may find a cracked, damaged plaster. It can happen for causes like stripping wallpaper, decorating, redecorating, weather, replacing the wall tiles, and many more. You may be heartbroken at that time. We are here for you. You will fix those cracked, dumped plaster with good quality cement.

Ceiling Plastering

Ceiling plaster can be cracked at any time. Because it needs to be experienced for perfect ceiling plastering. Our top picks experts will re-plaster or plaster your ceiling. Whether it is a commercial or home project we always give our best efforts to make our clients satisfied.

Why Newform Group?

Over the decades, we have been providing plastering services in Dublin. We have worked with hundreds of clients and have a track record of success. We have worked in many environments from small building sites to larger commercial development. Our company has developed a reputation for being professional, reliable, and thorough, rest assured all work is completed to an incredibly high standard. We have outstanding customer service, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Benefits of hiring us

Newform Group is a fully qualified and certified professional plastering company partnered with talented and experienced plasterers that always deliver work of exceptional quality. We offer all prospective clients a free survey and quotation, also our prices are very reasonable and all work is fully guaranteed. Our team has experience in both domestic and commercial operating environments for all the years we are in this industry. Being in this industry for decades can greatly benefit our client as we have a wide array of knowledge and are armed with years of experience so we know our way around from conventional up to innovative methods to provide our customers with exceptional quality of work. We have built a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship, reliability, and professionalism.


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What is the best-colored render on the market?

Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Monocouche render has the most desirable finish, however, it has zero flexibility and is prone to cracking. Silicone render on another hand may not be desirable as monocouche, but it’s more durable and flexible.

How long before I can paint my newly plastered wall/ceiling?

There is no exact scale for this. As soon as the wall or ceiling is dry you can paint it. Typically it’ll take 2 to 7 days.

Do you guarantee the quality of your work?

Aside from customer’s satisfaction, we always deliver high and exceptional quality that will last for years. We don’t compromise its quality for low-priced materials, we don’t cut corners to save money and we keep the contract’s specifications.

What do I have to do to prepare my room area before the plasterers arrive?

All areas to be worked on should have all the furniture removed to enable us to have a good working area.

Is there anything I need to do before I paint my newly plastered area?

New plasters need to be sealed before being painted. This can be done with a plaster sealant or watered down the emulsion.

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