You do your best in keeping proper care and maintenance but eventually, damage and scratches take its toll on wood floors. If your wood floor started to look worn out, have scratches, stained, or even showing obvious wear patterns, it’s time to consider having a floor restoration. Newform Group offers a wide range of floor restoration services encompassing all floor types including Hardwood, Softwood, and Parquet at an affordable cost. We offer expert wood flooring restoration works and remodel service both in the private and commercial buildings throughout Ireland. Whether your floor requires repair, replacement, or simply cleaning and polishing we can undertake a complete range of floor restoration services. Our team is composed of several skilled workers who specialize in restoration and alongside the benefit of the use of modern and efficient machinery, we can produce the best result. We can fix, sand, stain, or varnish any size wood floor. Utilizing the most recent dust-free sanding innovation, we ensure a predominant completion each time with no wreckage or dreadful smells deserted.


Our Wood Floor Restoration Overview

Flooring restoration specializes in providing a comprehensive range of floor restoration services, including floor sanding and maintenance. We will visit your home or office to assess the floor’s condition, following this, we will recommend what is needed to repair and restore your floor to return to its original beauty. This includes a complete restoration of all details, including sanding, fastening, polishing, and varnishing. Our services are conducted and overlooked by certified technicians.


Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood floors are a very popular choice of flooring for many areas throughout a home and they are also quite expensive which makes it important to keep them protected and maintained. Many clients choose hardwood floors for their impressive appearance and durability but over time they can wear out and accumulate minor damages. Our company offers hardwood floor refinishing and repair services to restore worn-out wood floors and revitalize their appearance. It includes; precision repair, panel replacement, and restoration/refinishing.


Old Floor Repair

Replacing unsound and damaged boards – we can identify and replace these using reclaimed period board equivalent.


Parquet Floor restoration

Our parquet wood floor restoration services include refinishing, replacing missing or damaged blocks, re-affixing any loose blocks, renewing substrate, and underfloor leveling.

We also offer:

  • Deep Clean and Scuff Removal – a formulated deep cleaning solution is applied to the floor’s surface to lifts away dirt and grime.
  • Scrub and Recoating – the floor’s damaged finished is removed and the surface scrubbed and thoroughly cleaned before applying a protective wear layer.
  • Sanding and refinishing – for heavily damaged floors, they are sanded down to bare wood and then refinished with a tough, durable protective coating.

Why Newform Group?

Providing specialist floor restoration services throughout Dublin and with over 25 years of experience in this industry, Newform Group can assure our client that we deliver the best service possible with the use of only high-quality products. Our own highly trained floor restoration technicians use a range of simple yet highly effective techniques to meet your every demand and can help ensure your floor remains impressive. With the benefits of the latest dust-free machines, we can produce excellent results.

Benefits of Hiring Us for service

Regardless of the style of flooring that you have, we can perfectly store it to its former glory and guarantee that we will give you high-quality standard and precision – from customer service to fitting to finishing up to tidying. Aiding our years of experience in this industry, fusing old-fashioned techniques with modern techniques we can come up with our very own high and effective ways to restore your floor. We also used an advanced restorative process to repair and reclaim your wood surfaces’ original beauty, and apply a specialized sealant to retain the restored like-new appearance.

5 Things to Look for when Hiring for SERVICE

  • Advanced Restorative Process
  • Customer Service
  • Dust-free
  • Affordable service
  • Uses high-quality materials



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Can you help even if my wooden floor is too damaged?

Many old floors look worse than they are. The ones that do have layers of old paint and varnish on them are usually the best protected underneath all old floors can be salvaged and refinished by skilled contractors. Termite-damaged, insect-infested boards, or delaminated strips can be replaced.


How long does it take to sand a floor?

An average-sized room should take a day to sand a further day to hand finish. However, we should take into account unforeseen circumstances such as repairs to the main body of the floor or replacement of some board. With these phenomena, it may take longer than a day to finish. We will advise how long it will be after we assess the floor’s condition.


Would you be able to change the shade of the hardwood?

Indeed, you can go from light to dull, or dim to light or anyplace in the middle. We can likewise direct you about this.

When would we be able to stroll on the floors?

Overall, you can stroll on the floors roughly 24 hours after the utilization of the last coat. We suggest that for quite a long time 24-48 that you wear socks just – no shoes, no exposed expense

What is included in the restoration?

Our company offers a complete solution to our customers including restoration, fixing scratches, finishing, and recoating.

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