Cement render is made up of three components – lime, sand and cement.  The purpose of the lime is to make the render more workable and it helps to minimize cracking when the render hardens.  The sand should be clean and contain no clay or plant matter.  Coarser sands are used for undercoats while finer sands are generally used for topcoats.  Finally, general purpose or general purpose blended cements complying with Irish standards are usually used.  Lighter cement is used when the wall is to be a light colour.



If you are opting for coloured render, our professionals will make a sample and allow it to fully dry before commencing the rendering job.  This will ensure that the render is the correct colour.  If grey cement is being used, more colour will be required than if using white cement.  Render can provide a variety of decorative effects depending on the finishing techniques used but this is a tricky process and should be done by a qualified professional.

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