Cement Rendering Service

Cement Render is a combination of sand, cement, and clay or lime. Cement render can be applied to brick, cement, stone, and painted walls (undercoat must be applied first so render does not fall off when applying onto painted walls). In cases where render is to go onto painted walls acrylic render is recommended over traditional cement render.

Cement render is a great option for rendering your home, even though acrylic render materials are being used more often than ever before. Cement render has been used for so long and it can definitely be classed as a cost-effective option when deciding to render your home. Though some of the disadvantages of sand cement render can become apparent when it comes to flexibility as acrylic render can withstand wall movement to a larger degree than cement render. Though overall traditional sand cement render is a great product that has stood the test of time, it hides imperfections of old and/or bad brickwork and creates an extra layer of protection to fight erosion.

Cement render is used for more reasons than one. Homeowners can use render to increase the life span of their retaining walls while also making them look great. Cement render thickness can vary and it will depend on factors such as the brickwork and how much render is needed to be applied so that the wall will be straight and smooth.

Cement render is usually painted and sealed. Cement Render can be painted after 28 days.



What are my options when it comes to giving my cement render a colored finish?

So you want to render and have heard of colored rendering what does that mean?

If you are opting for colored render, our professionals will make a sample and allow it to fully dry before commencing the rendering job.  This will ensure that the render is the correct color.  If grey cement is being used, more color will be required than if using white cement.  Render can provide a variety of decorative effects depending on the finishing techniques used but this is a tricky process and should be done by a qualified professional.

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