A suspended ceiling is a type of design elements that are used in buildings like residential and commercial. Suspended ceilings are made using metal grill which is suspended under the ceiling or roof deck. These grids are then filled with the ceiling tiles made of mineral fiber blends. These types of ceilings are very attractive and their design is minimalistic. It is fitted with almost any buildings. It is a very popular option as it is very easy for maintaining.
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Exposed Grid

Exposed grid assortments are the most widely recognized kind of suspended ceiling. They comprise of long metal strips, called “mains,” which are interconnected with shorter metal pieces known as “tees.” Together, the mains and tees structure a grid arrangement of 2′ by 2′ or 2′ by 4′ squares, which are then loaded up with acoustical ceiling tiles. These exposed grid frameworks highlight a standard 15/16″ wide metal casing around each tile, however more extensive and smaller adaptations are additionally accessible.

Concealed Grid

Concealed grid frameworks utilize the acoustical tiles to conceal the grid framework from see. This makes a smooth, clean look that many see as stylishly satisfying. The tile utilized in a concealed framework has a little section incorporated with its border, which slides over the mains and tees to cover them. This kind of framework is more costly than an uncovered framework and can make it hard for support staff to get to regions over the ceiling.

Suspended Ceiling :Drywall

Some suspended ceiling systems don’t require the utilization of the metal grid, and rather, use wires and holders to suspend sheets of drywall underneath the ceiling. These systems are a simpler option in contrast to the broad surrounding and cap channels that are normally required to make drywall arches or ceiling structures. Level sheets of suspended drywall or boards may likewise be hung underneath the ceiling level to give acoustical or stylish advantages.

Suspended Ceiling Tiles

There are various decisions with regard to picking suspended ceiling tiles. Purchasers can browse tile that is exceptionally finished, or completely smooth. While off-white tile is the most well-known, various different hues are accessible, just as tiles printed with structures and examples. In medical clinics and tidy up room settings, shape and buildup safe tile might be utilized. At long last, tile is frequently picked for its degree of acoustic retention, particularly in schools and other huge business applications.

Others Are

  • Metal tile on clip in concealed system
  • Ceiling baffle linear systems
  • Floating Ceiling raft systems
  • Mesh type ceilings
  • Open cell ceilings


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Installing Suspended Ceilling
Suspended Ceilling
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