Wood adds a completely different look and feels to your house, doesn’t it? The earthy, dark color adds a homely feel to your house and makes it a home. Even the sound of your foot and shoes on the floor feels special.

A cozy rainy evening with the fire in the fireplace seems like a great form of self-care and a chance for strengthening the bond with your family. However, unlike the concrete floor, the beauty of wood comes with its drawbacks. You may need o to restore your wood floor periodically to keep it in the best shape.However, the process may not be as lengthy and difficult as it may seem to you. There are, of course, cases where you may need professional help but there are those where restoring the wood\ floor becomes therapeutic. So, let us check out what to keeping mind while restoring wood floors.

Wood Floor restoration works

Do you really need to restore the wood floor?

Has your wood floor lost its shine and it looks like an old, used, faded floor that ha lost its life? Chances are dust and dirt has made it that way. While it may not always be the case, you can start with the mini measures to bring your wood floor back to life.

Firstly, you have to remove all the dust from your floor using a broomstick. Once you are done dusting the dust away, you can vacuum the floor for a greater clean. Then, finally, mop the wood floor with a wood floor cleaner.

If the shine of your wood floor comes back then you do not have to try out the harder wood floor restorations techniques.

What about just a finish?

Does your wood floor still look faded and worn after the thorough clean? If there are no deep scratches or dents on it then you can move straight to giving it a new finish. Just clean the floor well before you start giving it the new finish.

When you choose the product for the wood finish, you have to choose carefully. Whether glossy or matte, the finish should be the right one for the type of wood you have used on your floor. Apparently, a professional will be able to recommend a finish to you or you can do your own research.

No other way- Both Sanding and a Finish.

If your wood floor has deep scratches and dents after years of use, you have not any choice but to restore your wood floor by sanding it and giving it a new finish. While many people will run to professionals to do the job, you can do it yourself after dedicating some time to learning it. However, you need the right equipment when doing it. Let’s check out some things you have to keep in mind.

Wood Floor Restoration: Some Tips and Precautions

  1. Get a Drum Sander.

You want your floor to be sanded evenly. In order to do that you need to good equipment. Therefore, buy or rent a high-quality drum sander to sand your wood floor.

While the quality of the sander will play a good role in evenly sanding your floor, you have to be very careful as well. Practice before you sand the actual floor. Make sure that you are working your way evenly and the direction of sanding remains constant as well. 

  1. Careful on the edges.

The edge of any project is hard to deal with. Reaching the edges is a hard task and sanding it evenly is even harder. Therefore, you have to be very careful when you are working on the edges.

Go slow when you reach the edges. It will be easy to spot the difference in shades if you make a mistake so use an edger for the edges and use it right. Once again, it is essential that you have the right equipment for the wood. If you damage it while sanding, you may have to bring in a professional to fix it.

Let’s try not to make deeper scratches while trying to remove the older ones.

  1. Remove all dust.

This is something you must do to get the best results and a clean house. When you sand wood, a lot of wood dust along with other dust is created. If you do not clean and remove them, they will get stuck under the finish permanently giving your floor a rough look. And, you cannot even clean it if you want to.

Therefore, sweep the floor multiple times, run your vacuum cleaner on it but get the dust away.

  1. Fill the gaps, if needed.

Wood reacts to moisture. When the moisture is high, woo increases in size and when it’s low, it decreases in size. A small gap during winter is not of concern, it will disappear in summer. However, a large gap that does not change with seasons can be a concern.

The best way to deal with large gaps is by filling them with trowel right after sanding. It is best if you only feel up the really large gaps during winter because or else, the trowel will be pushed out from the small gaps during summer.

  1. Use the right finish.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to choose a finish that is suitable for the type of wood you have on your floor. Furthermore, the finish should be from a great brand or else it won’t last years ad you want it to last for years, right? Ask your friends or neighbors or even a professional for the best suggestions for your wood floor.

Final words

Wood floors are quite permanent in your house and a mistake on them can cost you heavily. Even if you choose to not fix the mistake, it will have an effect on your aesthetic peace. Therefore, when you are restoring your wood floor be careful about the products you use and follow the little tips. Little things matter and they can cause big problems if you do not take care of them.